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Skin Renew Academy offers an advanced beauty therapy diploma to all the beauty enthusiasts out there. This beauty diploma helps the students specialise and get a thorough understanding of the latest beauty practices in the industry. This diploma gives you an edge to keep pace with the highly competitive beauty industry. It boosts your confidence and brushes up your skills with the first-hand experience and learning to develop trade skills.

We offer an excellent and professional industry experience to ensure that students gain confidence and become ready to set their mark in the industry. It helps them develop skills in different body treatments, including body trimming program, face rejuvenation program, and bust enhancement program. The hands-on experience builds your professional skills and enables you to start your own business in the future.

Courses Benefits:

  • Own and operate your own salon
  • Get numerous career options in the industry
  • Become ready for the job
  • Work as a beauty therapist
  • Learn from qualified instructors
  • Get primary training and understanding of the beauty therapy
  • Meet industry requirements and provide in-demand beauty services

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Skin Renew Academy has this advanced beauty diploma available to make you skilful and get a prominent position in the beauty industry. It provides you with the latest tools and resources to perform various beauty treatments. It opens the gate of opportunities for you and teaches you all the sought-after body and skin treatments. After this course, you will develop skills, gain experience working in the beauty sector, run your own business, and manage a salon with efficiency. Get in touch now to start the diploma!

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4D Aesthetic Facelift

Soft with deep pressure and mild Lymphatic drainage massage will give a maximum result. This Meridian face massage points reflected on internal organ function to promote a healthier skin texture to fight against aging process. Each Face Zones has indicated the different Meridian face line.

  • No needle, no knife, no thread
  • Facial lifting, removing wrinkles and firming skin
  • Lift and tighten the sagging face
  • Facial contour trimming
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Cavitation Bipolar Body Trimming Program

  • Fats Blasting
  • Fats Melting
  • Fats Draining
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Tripolar Face Rejuvenation Program

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Reshape, tone and tighten face and neck
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BIPOLAR RF Bust Enhancement Program RF

  • Breast fuller enhancement & toning
  • Realignment breast fats into right position
  • Enhance bust lymphatic drainage on impurities
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Basic Nail Care

  • Water Manicure Treatment
  • Water Pedicure Treatment
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Hair Removal

  • Warm Waxing Hair Removal Techniques
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Skin Condition and Facial Treatment Knowledge with Electrotherapy

  • Facial Galvanic
  • Facial High Frequency
  • Ultra Sound
  • Facial Radio Frequency
  • Infra-Light Therapy

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