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Skin Renew’s Professional Cosmetology Courses specialises in the beauty needs & requirements of the 21st century Cosmetology Education. This course ensures that graduates will be able to immediately perform their skills at a working environment. The teaching approach of SKIN RENEW includes theory and practical two-way attention, focusing on training with the highest standard practical skills of a salon operation. These factors ensures a stable foundation for a future career.

Academy Profile

Skin Renew Beauty Academy was founded in the year 2000 to train talented individuals for a career in the beauty industry. It has up to 18 years of experience in operating the beauty business which includes beauty salon franchise, wholesale, slimming, SPA as well as R&D in teaching experience. Today, the academy has two premises to train beauty talents, with high growth prospects and expansion in the near future due to the soaring number of student enrollment.

The academy is committed to continuously enhance the training level in order to provide a wide range of professional beauty and cosmetology courses as well as ensure that potential students are able to apply their knowledge to pave the way for a career in the beauty industry. The academy consistently strives to possess 21st century world-class level in international leadership, obtaining nationwide and international recognition for its professional diploma level thereby ensuring brilliant prospects in cosmetology for its students.

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What is TQUK

Training Qualification UK – Get on board with the UK’s fastest growing Awarding Organisation
In 2018, Training Qualifications UK is the Top 10 largest Awarding Organisation, or ‘AO’ for short, across the UK and we’re showing no signs of slowing down.
As an Ofqual-regulated awarding body, all of our qualifications are guaranteed to conform to a high standard, and we take steps to ensure that all centres which offer a TQUK qualification are provided with the support that they need to give the best service possible to their learners. There are only 3 TQUK approved centre among Malaysia, and Skin Renew Professional Beauty Academy is the one of the three TQUK Approved Centre! Verified us at here: https://www.tquk.hk/about-us/approved-centre/

Skin Renew Professional Cosmetology courses are specially designed for students in accordance with 21st century beauty education developments, growth in the beauty industry and existing market needs. This is to ensure that graduates are able to garner employment and excel in modern cosmetology

The academy’s teaching strategies employs both theoretical and practical approach. Through a rigorous assessment and allocation of resources, the academy uses the most flexible, practical, and practical mode of learning, giving students the highest quality of education. Special attention is given to students to master salon operation’s practical skills, laying a strong stable foundation for future career development. The academy has successfully trained graduates who are highly qualified in the beauty industry, equipped with vast knowledge and technical skills required.

In addition to providing professional high-quality cosmetology education and training, Skin Renew Academy is also determined to enhance the quality of the beauty industry by providing substantial employment and entrepreneurial opportunities in its contribution towards the development of SMEs in Malaysia.

Meet Our Team


Janet Wang ‘Master of Beauty in Business’

  • Founder of Skin renew Chain Group
  • Founder of Malaysia's No. 1 Aesthetic Medicine Brand Group since 1995
    • Master of Business Administration
  • Business marketing antd inerpersonal relationship counselling practice for more than 26 years
  • More than 15 years of experience in cognitive application of team behaviour patterns
  • The first creator of the 20th century laser painless eyebrow tattoo removal
  • The original creator of the 20th century eyebrow embroidery technique
  • Master of medical beauty and cosmetics in the 20th century
  • Corporate capital influencer
  • Impactful Interpersonal Advisor
  • Started the first digital education for beauty
  • Employment guarantee, Support in entrepreneurship
Michael micheal-logo

Master Michael Chiang ‘Training Expert in Interpersonal Relationship’

  • Founder of 4U Institute of Interpersonal Relationship
  • Expert in Organizational Behaviors
  • Expertise
    • Human behavior
    • Establishing Common Vision & Team Alignment
    • Public Speaking
    • Career Positioning
    • Tapping into the Team’s Potential
  • Renowned Business Consultant & Trainer in Asia
  • Assisted more than 250 multinational corporations
  • More than 23 years’ experience in applied organizational behavior model
  • More than 26 years’ experience in supporting sales & interpersonal relationships.
  • More than a million students from Taiwan, Mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia
  • Conducted more than 28,000 hours large scale training seminar

Sandie ‘Simulation Tattoo & Hair Transplant Technology Instructor’

  • Skin Renew Group’s Skin Diagnosis and Treatment Lecturer
  • Skin Renew Group’s Semi Permanent eyebrow & lip tattoo Guide
  • TQUK Advanced Beauty Therapy Consultant
  • Face sculpture lecturer with the best practice
  • Best sales practical lecturer
  • Senior psychological counsellor
  • Anti-aging, aesthetic consultant
  • Scalp Micropigmentation technology Instructor
  • DISC Professional Personality Tutor
  • Best practical guidance consultant lecturer

KELLY ‘Educational Sales Practice Guidance Lecturer’

  • Skin Renews’ Education, Sales & Marketing Consultant
  • Skin Renews’ Best Team Practical Expert
  • TQUK Lecturer of Advanced Beauty Therapy
  • Skin Renew’s best practical guidance expert
  • Senior psychological counselling teacher
  • Overclocking Facial Sculpture Lecturer
  • Skin Diagnosis and Treatment Consultant Lecturer
  • Anti-aging aesthetic consultant
  • Bachelor of Styling and Health Management
  • Body sculpting and image shaping consultant
  • Five Elements and Seven Wheels Spiritual Energy Healer
  • Carnegie Leadership Enterprise Model Wins Learning

GALLY ‘Senior Nursing Consultant Lecturer’

  • Lecturer of Skin Renew Group Skin Diagnosis
  • Skin Renew Group Overclocking Facial Sculpture Practical Lecturer
  • Lecturer of Senior Nursing Consultant in the UK
  • American laser combat consultant lecturer
  • Influential interpersonal consultant lecturer
  • Best sales practical instructor
  • Barehand breast enhancement instructor
  • Anti-aging consultant teacher
  • Bachelor of Styling and Health Management
  • Body remodelling and healing instructor
  • Five Elements and Seven Wheels Spiritual Energy Healer
  • Team spirit training consultant
  • Happy female career mentor

Kk.Ng Tutor ‘Advanced Diploma Beauty Aesthetic Lecturer’

  • Skin Renew Group’s TQUK Professional Lecturer
  • TQUK Advanced Beauty Therapy Consultant
  • Skin diagnosis and treatment consultant lecturer
  • Best Practice Guidance Consultant Lecturer
  • More than 20 years of beauty experience
  • Professional cosmetology technical talent training instructor
  • International Brand Training Lecturer
  • Certified practitioner of neuro-semantics
  • Certified practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming
  • Certified practitioner of timelines
  • Diploma in Entrepreneurship Management Lecturer

Chuan Mentor ‘Genetics and Nutrition Consultant’

  • Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Nutrition
  • Graduate of University of Malaya (UM) Master of Business Administration (MBA) International Business and Finance
  • Professional Nutrition and Diet Instructor
  • More than 10 years of nutrition and dietetics education and training experience
  • British international professional assessment ITEC invigilator

Skin Renew Aesthetic Beauty Academy

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Malaysia No.1 Beauty

Provide professional beauty diploma & Advance Diploma Courses

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Certified 4-star Beauty Academy

Training Qualifications UK

Job Chance

100% job guarantee with expert skills

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Why Choose Us
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Malaysia No.1 Beauty

Provide professional beauty diploma & Advance Diploma Courses

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Certified 4-star Beauty Academy

Training Qualifications UK

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Job Chance

100% job guarantee with expert skills

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Apply PTPTN Loan

Tuition fees can paid by PTPTN loan

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